The Indispensable Role of Tare Function in Precision Coffee Brewing

The Indispensable Role of Tare Function in Precision Coffee Brewing

Key Takeaways
The tare function on coffee scales allows you to accurately measure coffee doses, pour shots, and track brew ratios by subtracting the weight of cups, brewers, or portafilters.
Auto-tare modes streamline workflow by automatically taring the scale when an item is placed on it, helpful for busy cafes.
Tare saves enables storing the weight of your preferred brewing vessel for one-touch taring.
Precision scales with 0.1g sensitivity combined with tare provide the control needed for pouring shots and tracking recipes to the gram.

Crafting the perfect cup of coffee is equal parts art and science. The role of a scale, and specifically the tare function, cannot be overstated when it comes to consistently brewing coffee to high standards. The tare function is the unsung hero that enables baristas to accurately measure coffee doses, pour shots to a target yield, and track their brew ratios. Let's dive into why tare is indispensable and spotlight some of the best scales putting it to use.

What is Tare and Why Does it Matter?

At its core, tare simply means subtracting the weight of a container to measure only what's placed inside it. With coffee, this means placing your brewing device, portafilter, or cup on the scale and "taring" it out so the scale reads zero. Then you can add coffee grounds or brewed coffee and know exactly how much is being added, irrespective of the container.

Acaia Lunar scale weighing espresso

Without tare, you'd need to manually subtract the weight of each cup, brewer, or portafilter to determine your dose. Tare makes this effortless and automatic. Scales like the Acaia Lunar allow you to quickly tare and measure espresso yields to 0.1g.

Streamlining Workflow with Auto-Tare

For busy baristas, having to tare the scale before every shot or brew can disrupt their flow. This is where auto-tare modes come in handy. Scales like the Felicita Incline detect when a cup or portafilter is placed on the scale and automatically tare it after a brief delay.

Felicita Incline scale

This allows baristas to move swiftly from taring to dosing to brewing without an extra step. The Acaia Pearl Model S takes it a step further with tare saves. You can store the tare weights of your most used brewing devices for quick one-touch taring.

Pouring Shots with Precision

Consistency is key when dialing in espresso. Even small variations in dose or yield can have a big impact on flavor. Tare lets you measure your dose and shots down to 0.1g on many scales. Combined with a built-in shot timer like on the Acaia Lunar, you can optimize your ratios and hit them reliably.

Scales designed for espresso like the Felicita Arc fit right on your drip tray. Their responsive tare functions ensure you capture every drop, from the first few grams of your pre-infusion to the final weight.

Felicita Arc on espresso drip tray

Tracking Brew Ratios and Recipes

Tare is equally essential for pour-over brewing. Accurately measuring both your coffee dose and water additions lets you experiment with different brew ratios and track recipes. Scales like the Acaia Pearl 2.0 make this process seamless.

Acaia Pearl scale weighing pour-over

Its Dual Display Mode shows both the tare weight of your grounds and the total brew weight, so you can track every variable. With tare, there's no need to weigh water separately or subtract the weight of your cup or brewer.

Bringing It All Together

Whether you're aiming for the perfect espresso shot or pour-over, tare is the function that ties it all together. Combined with a scale offering 0.1g sensitivity, auto-tare modes, and tare saves, you have all the tools needed for precision brewing and tracking.

Some key capabilities to look for:

  • 0.1g readability for espresso
  • Auto-tare modes to streamline workflow
  • Tare saves to store common container weights
  • Built-in brew modes and shot timers
  • Compact, responsive, and water-resistant

With the tare function doing the heavy lifting, you're free to focus on the art and craft of brewing exceptional coffee. Get ready to elevate your coffee game - one perfectly tared dose at a time.

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