Wilfa Probaker Review: The Ultimate Stand Mixer for Serious Bakers

Wilfa Probaker Review: The Ultimate Stand Mixer for Serious Bakers

Key Takeaways
1. Powerful and efficient double-acting kneading system
2. Large 7-liter capacity bowl for big batches
3. 20 speed settings for precise control
4. Includes a range of high-quality attachments
5. Sleek Nordic design that looks great in any kitchen

Are you a serious baker looking for a top-of-the-line stand mixer that can handle all your baking needs? Look no further than the Wilfa Probaker Kitchen Machine. Developed with input from professional bakers, this powerful and versatile mixer is designed to deliver optimal results for even the most demanding recipes.

Double-Acting Kneading System

Wilfa Probaker Kitchen Machine (Black)

One of the standout features of the Wilfa Probaker is its double-acting kneading system. Unlike traditional stand mixers where only the attachment rotates, the Probaker's bowl also rotates in the opposite direction. This innovative design mimics the kneading action of professional bakers, ensuring that your dough is thoroughly and evenly mixed.

Large Capacity and Powerful Performance

The Wilfa Probaker boasts a generous 7-liter capacity bowl, allowing you to make large batches of dough, batter, or frosting with ease. Its powerful motor can handle up to 5 kg of dough at a time, making it perfect for baking enthusiasts and even small professional kitchens.

Model Capacity Power Speed Settings
Wilfa Probaker Kitchen Machine (Black) 7 liters Not specified 20
Wilfa Probaker Kitchen Machine (Grey) 7 liters Not specified 20
Wilfa ProBaker Timer Stand Mixer (Grey) 7 liters Not specified 20

Precision Control with 20 Speed Settings

With 20 speed settings, the Wilfa Probaker offers unparalleled control over your mixing. Whether you're gently folding in delicate ingredients or whipping up a sturdy meringue, you can find the perfect speed for your recipe. The slow start function prevents ingredients from splashing out of the bowl when you first turn on the mixer.

High-Quality Attachments for Every Task

Wilfa Probaker Attachments

The Wilfa Probaker comes with a range of high-quality attachments to tackle any baking task:

  • Eltekrok: A unique kneading hook optimized for efficient gluten development
  • Double whisks: Specially designed to incorporate more air into your mixtures for light and fluffy results
  • Flexivisp: A flexible whisk with removable silicone edges that scrape the sides of the bowl for even mixing
  • Dough scraper: Helps you easily remove dough from the bowl and keeps your workspace clean

Sleek Nordic Design

Wilfa Probaker Kitchen Machine (Grey)

The Wilfa Probaker doesn't just perform well; it also looks great on your countertop. With its sleek Nordic design and a choice of black or grey finishes, this mixer will complement any kitchen décor. Its sturdy construction and well-balanced base keep it stable even when mixing heavy doughs at high speeds.

Timer Function for Precision Baking

For bakers who crave even more control, the Wilfa ProBaker Timer Stand Mixer (Grey) offers a built-in timer with stopwatch and countdown functions. This feature allows you to precisely track mixing times for recipes that require specific intervals, ensuring consistent results every time.

Wilfa ProBaker Timer Stand Mixer (Grey)

Precision Scales for Accurate Ingredient Measuring

To get the best results from your Wilfa Probaker, it's important to measure your ingredients accurately. The Wilfa Svart Uni Precision Scales are the perfect companion for your mixer. These digital scales measure up to 2 kg with 0.1-gram accuracy and connect to the Wilfa SVART app for easy recipe management.

Wilfa Svart Uni Precision Scales

Wilfa Smooth Mix Hand Mixer for Smaller Tasks

While the Wilfa Probaker is ideal for large baking projects, sometimes you need a smaller mixer for quick tasks. The Wilfa Smooth Mix Hand Mixer (Black) is a powerful and versatile option that complements your Probaker perfectly. With 5-speed settings and included beaters and dough hooks, this hand mixer can handle a variety of small mixing jobs.

Wilfa Smooth Mix Hand Mixer (Black)


The Wilfa Probaker is an exceptional stand mixer that offers professional-level performance and versatility for serious home bakers and small bakeries. With its powerful double-acting kneading system, large capacity, precise speed control, and high-quality attachments, this mixer can handle any baking challenge you throw at it. Whether you choose the classic model or the timer version, the Wilfa Probaker is an investment that will take your baking to the next level.

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