Comandante Coffee Grinder

Comandante Coffee Grinder

Key Takeaways

Feature Benefit
High-quality burrs Uniform particle size for optimal extraction
Adjustable grind settings Suits various brewing methods from espresso to French press
Durable construction Built to last for years of daily use
Compact and portable Easy to take camping, traveling, or moving around the kitchen

Are you looking to up your coffee game with a top-notch manual grinder? Look no further than the Comandante C40 Nitro Blade coffee grinder. This beast of a grinder has taken the specialty coffee world by storm and for good reason. Let's dive into what makes the C40 so special and explore some must-have accessories.

Choosing your Comandante C40 color

One of the first decisions when buying a C40 is picking from the rainbow of color options:

Comandante C40 color options

No matter which stylish finish you choose, you're getting the same professional-grade internals. Colors are just the start of customizing your C40 to match your personality.

The magic is in the burrs

At the heart of the C40's consistent grind are the proprietary Nitro Blade burrs. Engineered and manufactured in-house by Comandante in Germany, these high-nitrogen stainless steel burrs are sharp, precise, and built to last.

Geometry of the burrs has been perfected over years of R&D to optimize bean throughput while maintaining a uniform grind at any setting. An advanced dual-bearing mount keeps the burrs perfectly stable.

Grind adjustment for any brew method

Want to switch from pour-over to espresso? The C40 has you covered with its stepless grind adjustment system. The tactile clicks let you lock in your favorite settings and reproduce the exact same grind next time.

Brewing method Grind setting range
Espresso 5-10 clicks
AeroPress 10-15 clicks
Pour-over 15-30 clicks
French press/Cold brew 30-35+ clicks

For even more range, the Red Clix Axle kit is a drop-in replacement offering micro-adjustments between clicks.

Ergonomic crank and knob

Grinding by hand doesn't have to be a chore. The C40's smooth bearings, ergonomic removable handle, and natural oak knob make the grinding action almost effortless.

Want a different look and feel? Swap to a Standard Knob in natural or smoked oak or lacquered black.

Comandante standard knob options

Travel mug and pouch included

Included with every C40 are a clear glass catch jar, an opaque brown glass jar for bean storage, and a protective neoprene travel pouch. The jars hold about 40g of beans each, perfect for a single serving.

Lost or broke your jar? Grab a replacement glass jar in clear or brown, or try the durable Polymer-Glass Bean Jar in classic black or vibrant colors. These BPA-free polymer jars won't break and double as an insulated travel mug!

Comandante polymer jar color options

Take your C40 anywhere

The C40's compact size makes it perfect for grinding on the go. Grab the C40 Travel Bag to carry your grinder, extra jars, and accessories on your next adventure. The padded canvas and leather bag keeps everything secure.

Comandante C40 Travel Bag

Expand your brewing toolkit

The Comandante Coffee Tray pairs perfectly with the C40 grinder. The tray holds up to 250g of beans and features a funnel end for mess-free pouring into your grinder.

Comandante Coffee Tray

Don't forget a scale to measure your dose, a kettle for the perfect pour-over, and a brewing device to complete your high-end home brewing setup.

Quality accessories for your quality grinder

Keep your C40 in top shape with genuine spare parts and cleaning tools. The Barista Brush #2 and Barista Brush #4 make quick work of clearing grounds from the burrs and loading funnel.

Join the Comandante club

Owning a C40 manual coffee grinder means you've joined a worldwide community of passionate coffee lovers and professionals. Comandante sponsors and supplies grinders for coffee championships around the globe. There's a reason this grinder is a favorite of competitors and judges!

Level up to the X25 Trailmaster

For the ultimate portable grinding experience, check out the Comandante X25 Trailmaster Dune coffee grinder. Made from QTP techno-polymer, this ultra-durable grinder is lightweight, weather resistant, and built for off-grid adventures.

Comandante X25 Trailmaster grinder

Is the Comandante C40 worth it?

There's no doubt the C40 costs a pretty penny as far as manual grinders go. Is it worth the investment? If you're serious about great coffee and want a trusty, travel-friendly grinder that will last for ages, we say absolutely.

The R&D, materials, and German craftsmanship that go into each C40 add up to a truly top-tier grinding experience you can't get from budget hand grinders. This is a tool you'll use and enjoy for years to come.

Ready to taste the difference of the Comandante C40? Explore our full collection of colors and pick up some freshly roasted beans to get grinding!

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