Manual Coffee Grinder

Manual Coffee Grinder

Key Takeaways

Benefit Description
Freshness Manual coffee grinders let you grind beans right before brewing for maximum freshness and flavor.
Control You have complete control over the grind size, from coarse to fine, for different brewing methods.
Quiet Hand grinders are much quieter than electric ones, perfect for early mornings.
Portable Compact manual grinders are great for travel and camping.
Affordable You can get a quality manual grinder for a fraction of the price of an electric one.

Are you looking to step up your coffee game with the perfect manual grinder? Hand coffee grinders give you the ultimate control over your grind for the best possible cup. We've rounded up our top picks from trusted brands like Hario, Comandante, and more.

Why choose a manual coffee grinder?

Manual coffee grinders, also known as hand grinders or burr grinders, have a lot of advantages:

  • You can grind your beans right before brewing for the freshest flavor. Ground coffee goes stale much faster!
  • It's easy to adjust the grind size for anything from espresso to French press and pour over
  • They're much quieter than electric grinders if you're an early riser
  • Most are compact and portable, great for travel or camping
  • You can get an excellent manual grinder for less than an electric one

Our favorite hand grinders


Hario is one of the most popular brands for manual coffee grinders. They offer models at different price points to suit any budget.

The Hario Skerton Plus is a great all-around pick with ceramic burrs, an easy to adjust grind size, and a non-slip base. It can hold up to 100g of beans at a time.

Hario Skerton Plus Ceramic Coffee Grinder

For a more compact option, try the Hario Mini-Slim Pro. It has a sleek stainless steel body, ceramic burrs, and a 24g capacity - perfect for grinding for 1-2 cups.

Hario Mini-Slim PRO Coffee Grinder


Comandante grinders are the gold standard when it comes to manual coffee grinders. Hand-made in Germany, they're built to last with incredible precision.

The Comandante C40 Nitro Blade features high-nitrogen stainless steel burrs, an easy to adjust click system for dialing in the perfect grind, and a 40g capacity. Choose from beautiful finishes like American Cherry wood.

Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Coffee Grinder MK4 (American Cherry)

For a pop of color, the "Alpine Lagoon" and "Sunset" are stunning.

Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Coffee Grinder MK4 (Sunset)

Choosing the right grinder

Consider a few factors when picking the perfect manual grinder for you:

  • Capacity - How much coffee do you typically make at a time? 20-30g is good for 1-2 cups, while 40-100g is better for 3+ cups or cold brew.
  • Grind adjustment - Some grinders have step-less adjustments for near infinite control, while others have simple preset steps.
  • Material - Ceramic burrs are long-lasting and won't rust. Stainless steel burrs are ultra precise.
  • Size - If you plan to travel or camp with your grinder, look for something compact like the Hario Mini Mill Plus.

Hario Mini Mill Plus Ceramic Coffee Grinder

Grind for your brew method

One of the best things about manual coffee grinders is dialing in the perfect grind size for your preferred brewing method.

For pour over, start with a medium grind, similar in size to sand. Experiment going a bit coarser or finer to brew after.

French press is best with a coarse grind to avoid sediment. Go for a grind size similar to sea salt.

Espresso requires a very fine grind. Look for a grinder with micro-adjustments like the Comandante to really dial it in.

The bottom line

Investing in a good manual coffee grinder gives you cafe-quality coffee at home. Pair it with freshly roasted beans and your favorite brewing method for an incredible cup every morning.

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