Ode Gen 2 Burrs

Ode Gen 2 Burrs

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Key Takeways

Feature Benefit
Professional-grade 64mm flat burrs Reduces grind time and heat while improving consistency
11 grind settings and 31 steps Allows precise adjustments for any brew method
Single dose loading Grinds only what you need to preserve freshness
Grinds knocker Reduces grind retention for less waste and mess

Are you ready to elevate your morning coffee ritual with the ultimate home grinding upgrade? Look no further than the Fellow Ode Gen 2 Brew Grinder. Equipped with revolutionary new burrs, the Gen 2 Ode delivers mind-blowing grind quality that will transform your drip, pour-over, Aeropress, and French press brews.

Fellow Ode Gen 2 Brew Grinder in black

Meet the game-changing Gen 2 burrs

The heart of the Gen 2 Ode's incredible performance lies in its cutting-edge burrs. Crafted with a unique two-stage geometry, these babies crank out grinds that yield a complex yet balanced cup with unmatched clarity. Whether you're a light roast lover looking for that perfect extraction, or prefer the chocolate and toffee notes of a good medium-dark, the Gen 2 burrs have got you covered.

Unrivaled precision and consistency

Wanna know the biggest secret to brewing coffee that tastes like it was made by a hipster barista? It's all about the grind size, my friend. The Ode Gen 2 makes it stupid easy to dial in the perfect grind for your brew method thanks to:

  • Professional-grade 64mm flat burrs
  • 11 grind settings with 31 steps for fine-tuning
  • Powerful smart speed PID motor for consistent particle size

No more guesswork, no more mediocre mugs. Just reliable, cafe-quality grinds every dang time.

Single dose loading for ultimate freshness

You know what's the worst? Stale coffee. And you know what causes coffee to go stale faster than you can say "grande vanilla oat milk latte"? Yup, oxygen. The Ode Gen 2 ain't about that life, which is why they gave the hopper the boot and expanded the single dose capacity to a whopping 100g.

That means you can grind exactly what you need, when you need it, without your precious beans losing their flavor to nasty oxidation. Bonus: the grind knocker gives the chute a good whack so your grinds end up in your brewer, not stuck in the machine. Less waste, less mess, more yumminess.

Close up of Fellow Ode Gen 2 grinds catch and knocker

Quiet as a mouse, sleek as an iPhone

Waking up your roommates with the rumbling of your grinder? Not cool, dude. Luckily, the Ode Gen 2 keeps things whisper-quiet thanks to its high-quality materials, sound-dampening construction, and ditched noisy gearbox.

And can we just take a sec to admire this gizmo's good looks? I mean, dang. With its modern aluminum body, matte black or white finish options, and compact footprint, this baby will make your kitchen counter straight up sexy. Not an eyesore in sight.

Ready to join the home grinding revolution?

Owning the Ode Gen 2 is like having a mini coffee shop right in your own dang house. But, like, without the judgy hipster baristas and overpriced oat milk upcharges. Just unbeatable flavor and quality that will make your tastebuds sing.

Pair it with some freshly roasted beans, maybe a sleek pour-over dripper or trusty French press, and you're on your way to a life-changing cup of liquid happiness. Your future self will thank you.

Is the Ode Gen 2 right for you?

Before you smash that "add to cart" button, let's make sure this grinder fits your needs. The Ode Gen 2 is a certified beast when it comes to:

✔️ Pour-over / drip coffee ✔️ French press ✔️ Cold brew ✔️ Aeropress

However, it's not really cut out for espresso grinding. If you're an at-home barista looking to pull shots, you might wanna check out a dedicated espresso grinder instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the Ode Gen 2?

Cleaning the Ode Gen 2 is a piece of cake. Just give the burrs a quick brush after each use, Easy peasy.

What's the capacity of the Ode Gen 2?

The Gen 2 model boasts an expanded capacity of 100g, which is plenty for most manual brewing methods. If you need to grind more, no worries - just reload and repeat!

Can I grind directly into a portafilter with the Ode Gen 2?

Nah, the Ode Gen 2 wasn't really designed with that in mind. It's more of a single dose grinder that grinds into the included catch cup. If you want to grind directly into a portafilter, a dedicated espresso grinder would be a better fit.

How long does shipping take?

Most in-stock orders ship within 1-2 business days. Delivery time depends on your location, but usually takes 1-3 days in the UK.

The bottom line

If you're ready to graduate from pre-ground or blade-ground coffee and experience the mind-blowing flavors locked in those beautiful beans, the Fellow Ode Gen 2 is the grinder you've been dreaming of. Its powerful new burrs, idiot-proof adjustments, and sleek design make it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to up their brewing game without taking out a second mortgage.

So go ahead, treat yourself (or your favorite coffee lover) to the gift of better-tasting coffee. With the Ode Gen 2 in your kitchen, every morning will feel like a trip to your favorite trendy coffee shop - minus the judgmental glances and obnoxious Bon Iver soundtrack. Get ready to experience coffee like you never have before.

Fellow Ode Gen 2 in white next to whole coffee beans

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