Loveramics in Coffee Competitions

Loveramics in Coffee Competitions

Key Takeaways

Insight Explanation
Loveramics is a top choice for baristas in coffee competitions Their cups are used in the World Barista Championships and World Latte Art Championships
Egg and Tulip cup series are designed for optimal coffee flavor The rounded interiors allow the coffee's sweetness and aroma to shine
A wide range of colors available Find cups to match your style in colors like red, teal, yellow, denim blue and more
Pair cups with matching saucers for a complete look Saucers are available for cappuccino, latte and espresso cup sizes


When the world's top baristas compete to brew the perfect cup, their vessel of choice is often a cup by Loveramics. Designed with coffee professionals in mind, Loveramics cups can be spotted on the world stage at premier events like the World Barista Championships and World Latte Art Championships. Let's take a closer look at what makes Loveramics a favorite for competitive coffee crafting.

Egg Series: Designed for Optimal Flavor

One of Loveramics' most popular collections for coffee competitors is the Egg Series. The distinctive egg shape is both stylish and functional. A rounded interior bowl allows the coffee to develop sweetness and aroma to the fullest.

Egg Cups come in three main sizes to suit your favorite coffee drinks:

The thick porcelain walls provide excellent heat retention to keep your coffee at the ideal temperature from first sip to last. And an ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip for latte art pouring.

Loveramics Egg Cappuccino Cup in Red

Tulip Series: Elegant and Functional

Another collection favored by professional baristas is the Tulip Series. The tulip-shaped cups not only look sleek and stylish, but also serve an important purpose. A narrower opening intensifies coffee aromatics even more than the wider Egg cup design.

The Tulip series is available in three sizes:

Tulip cups are crafted from durable, high-fired porcelain that is resistant to chipping and cracking. The density of the porcelain provides a pleasant weight in the hand.

Loveramics Tulip Latte Cup in River Blue

Colors for Every Style

Part of the fun of Loveramics cups is the vibrant array of color options available. While pure white is a classic choice to really make latte art pop, you can also express your personal style with cups in cheerful and eye-catching hues.

Some of the exciting color options include:

Mix and match colors or choose a single palette for a coordinated cafe look. The gorgeous tones are achieved through high-quality colored porcelain fired at temperatures over 1300°C.

Loveramics Egg Espresso Cup in Denim Blue

Complete the Look with Saucers

Of course, no coffee cup is complete without its matching saucer. Loveramics offers saucers designed to perfectly fit their Egg and Tulip cups for a seamless look.

Pair your Egg cups with these sized saucers:

Or match your Tulip cups with:

The saucers are made with the same durable, chic porcelain as the cups for long-lasting quality. Their curved design minimizes spills and contains drips elegantly.

Loveramics Egg Cappuccino Cup in Teal with Matching Saucer


For baristas aiming to craft competition-worthy cups, Loveramics provides the perfect canvas. The Egg and Tulip collections are designed to showcase the complex flavors and aromas of specialty coffee at its finest. With a spectrum of lovely colors and sizes for espresso, cappuccino, and latte drinks, you can find the ideal Loveramics cup for your signature pour. Explore the full Loveramics cup and saucer collection to elevate your coffee service, whether you're stepping up to the competition table or delighting customers at your cafe.

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