Cold Brew Coffee Methods

Cold Brew Coffee Methods

Key Takeaways Table:

Key Points Description
Rising Popularity Cold brew continues its rise as a favorite due to its smooth flavor and low acidity.
DIY Methods AeroPress offers versatile methods for personalizing your cold brew experience.
Travel Convenience AeroPress GO and Aeropress Coffee Maker + Tote Bag make cold brew accessible anywhere.
Quality Brewing AeroPress Micro Filter Papers ensure a clean cup every time.
Nuanced Flavors April Pour Over Coffee Maker introduces cold brew enthusiasts to rich and complex tastes.


In recent years, cold brew coffee has seen a notable rise in popularity. Known for its smooth flavor, reduced acidity, and the versatility in preparation methods, it's no wonder why coffee aficionados are drawn to this chilled delight. At Hamlet, we've been keenly observing these trends and are delighted to share insights into crafting the perfect cold brew at home or on-the-go.

Exploring Cold Brew Coffee Methods

  1. The Classic DIY Approach with AeroPress

    The DIY method of cold brew allows coffee lovers to tweak their brew to their liking. AeroPress, in particular, has become a staple in this personalized brewing movement. Its simple yet effective design makes it ideal to experiment with brewing time, coffee grind size, and water ratio, among other variables. For those keen on starting their cold brewing journey, the AeroPress Coffee Maker offers a versatile path to explore.

  2. On-the-Go Cold Brew with AeroPress GO Travel Coffee Maker

    Coffee doesn’t rest, and neither do you. For the coffee enthusiast on the move, the AeroPress GO Travel Coffee Maker offers the perfect solution to carry the cold brew method in your bag. Compact, lightweight, and durable, it ensures you're never without your coffee fix.

  3. Perfection in Every Cup with AeroPress Micro Filter Papers

    A key to the clean, crisp taste of a perfect cold brew lies in the filtration. The AeroPress Micro Filter Papers are designed specifically for this purpose – ensuring no grounds end up in your cup and allowing only the pure, bold flavors of your coffee to shine through. Their design complements the AeroPress and AeroPress GO brewers perfectly.

  4. Pour Over Meets Cold Brew: April Pour Over Coffee Maker

    The April Pour Over Coffee Maker celebrates the nuanced, complex flavors that coffee can offer. While traditionally used for hot coffee, innovative approaches have adopted it for cold brew, allowing for a full extraction that highlights the coffee’s depth. For those seeking a more refined cold brew experience, the April Pour Over Coffee Maker is an excellent choice.

  5. Brewing On-the-Move: Aeropress Coffee Maker + Tote Bag

    Balancing style, convenience, and function, the Aeropress Coffee Maker + Tote Bag is for those who live their lives on the move but refuse to compromise on their coffee quality. The tote bag keeps everything you need in one stylish, easy-to-carry package. Find it here.

The Science and Art Behind Cold Brew

The crafting of cold brew coffee is as much an art as it is a science. Variables such as grind size, brewing time, and water temperature play crucial roles in the outcome. Cold brew offers a canvas for experimentation, inviting coffee lovers to become artists in their right, exploring depths and nuances of flavor not attainable with hot brewing methods.

Trend Projection: The Future of Cold Brew

Looking forward, we anticipate innovations such as nitro infusions and an increase in ready-to-drink options to continue impacting the cold brew scene. The essence of coffee evolves, and cold brew methods adapt, promising an exciting future for coffee enthusiasts around the globe.


Cold brew coffee, with its myriad methods and variations, offers something for everyone - from the adventurous DIYer to the on-the-go drinker. At Hamlet, we encourage you to explore these methods and uncover your perfect brew. The pursuit of the ultimate cold brew is a journey, and every cup is a new discovery.

Further Reading & Experimentation

We invite you to delve deeper into the world of cold brew coffee by exploring our selection of products and accessories tailored for cold brew aficionados. Embrace the chill, and let’s brew something amazing together.

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