Arabica vs Robusta

Arabica vs Robusta

Key takeaways

Arabica vs Robusta Characteristics
Arabica Sweeter, more complex flavor profile with notes of fruit, berries, and chocolate. Lower caffeine.
Robusta Stronger, harsher taste with more bitterness and nuttiness. Higher caffeine content.

Exploring the world of Arabica and Robusta coffee at Hamlet

When it comes to your daily brew, you might hear a lot about Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. But what's the difference? We're diving into these two popular types of coffee and showcasing some of our favorite products featuring each variety.

The lowdown on Arabica beans

Arabica is the world's most popular type of coffee, accounting for about 60% of global coffee production. It's known for its sweeter, more complex flavor compared to Robusta. You'll often taste notes of fruit, berries, and chocolate in a cup of Arabica coffee.

Some of our top Arabica coffee picks:

Artisan Coffee The Heroine

Understanding Robusta beans

Robusta makes up the other 40% of the world's coffee. It has a stronger, harsher, more bitter taste compared to the smoothness of Arabica. Robusta beans also pack more of a caffeine punch - nearly double that of Arabica.

While you won't find many 100% Robusta coffees in our whole bean coffee collection, this variety is often used in blends, especially in espresso. The strong flavors of Robusta beans hold up well to the boldness of espresso.

Brewing Arabica vs Robusta

When it comes to brewing, Arabica and Robusta each shine in their own ways. The complex flavors of Arabica beans do well with pour over and other filter methods that highlight the bean's nuances.

Robusta's bold flavor cuts through milk and sugar, making it ideal for espresso drinks like lattes and cappuccinos. It's also great in a French press or cold brew for a strong cup.

No matter which brew method you prefer, freshly grinding your beans with a burr grinder will get you the most flavor from Arabica or Robusta.

Brewing method Best for
Pour over / drip Arabica
French press Robusta
Espresso Robusta blends
Cold brew Robusta

Picking the bean for you

So which should you choose - Arabica or Robusta? There's no right or wrong answer. It depends on the flavor profile you prefer. If you like a smoother, more nuanced cup, go for Arabica beans. If you want something bolder that packs a caffeine wallop, opt for a Robusta or Robusta blend.

You can also let your coffee maker help you decide. Drip coffee makers and pour over tools like the Hario V60 are ideal for Arabica varieties. French presses and espresso machines are better suited for Robusta.

Still can't decide? Try a variety pack or sample different roasts from our whole bean coffee collection to discover your perfect match. With a world of Arabica and Robusta beans to explore, your new favorite cup could be just a brew away.

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