Chemex Coffee Brewing: The Complete Guide

Chemex Coffee Brewing: The Complete Guide

Key Takeaways Details
Optimal Ratio For Chemex brewing, a 1:16 coffee-to-water ratio is recommended (e.g., 30g coffee to 500g water).
Grind Consistency A medium-coarse grind, similar to kosher salt, is ideal for Chemex brewing.
Essential Equipment A Chemex Coffeemaker, filter, grinder, scale, whole bean coffee, kettle, and timer are necessary.
Brewing Process Highlighted by a meticulous process including water temperature control, bloom phase, and a specific pouring technique.
Experimentation Encouraged adjustments and the exploration of alternative brewing methods for a personalized coffee experience.


Brewing coffee with a Chemex Coffeemaker offers a uniquely clean and crisp flavor profile, revered by coffee aficionados worldwide. This method, designed for purity, allows the natural flavors of the coffee to shine, presenting a timeless brewing technique that has earned its place both in kitchens and design history.

Essential Equipment for Chemex Brewing

Chemex brewing does not merely start with the brewer itself; it encompasses a variety of tools aimed to achieve the perfect cup.

  • AeroPress Coffee Maker: This alternative brewing method provides an interesting contrast to Chemex brewing, introducing versatility to coffee aficionados looking to explore beyond traditional methods. Find the AeroPress Coffee Maker here and discover an alternative brewing style.

    AeroPress Coffee Maker Image

  • Baratza Encore ESP Coffee Grinder (Black): Achieving the perfect coarse grind necessary for Chemex brewing starts with a high-quality grinder. We recommend the Baratza Encore for its consistency and reliability.

    Baratza Encore ESP Coffee Grinder Black Image

The Chemex Brewing Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

Brewing coffee with a Chemex Coffeemaker is an art that involves precision and care at every step. From heating water to precisely 200-205°F to the blooming process that allows the coffee to release its full potential, every step contributes to the creation of an unmatched cup of coffee. The brewing process emphasizes the importance of time, with the entire pour-over taking approximately 4 minutes.

Advanced Tips for Perfecting Your Brew

Adjusting the grind size is critical to achieving your desired coffee strength and flavor. For those looking to delve deeper into the world of coffee grinding, the Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Coffee Grinder MK4 (Virginia Walnut) offers unparalleled precision. Its ability to consistently produce the ideal grind size for Chemex brewing makes it a formidable tool in the quest for the perfect cup.

Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Coffee Grinder MK4 Virginia Walnut Image

Other Essential Accessories

Precise water temperature and pouring control are crucial for Chemex brewing, making the Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pouring Kettle (0.9 Litres Matte Black) an essential part of the brewing setup. Its design facilitates a smooth and controlled pour, ensuring even saturation of the coffee grounds.

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Pouring Kettle 0.9 Litres Matte Black Image

Experimenting with Coffee Brewing

The exploration of coffee brewing methods and equipment, such as the Comandante x25 Trailmaster Dune and AeroPress Go Bundle, can provide a complementary experience to Chemex brewing. This experimentation invigorates the coffee brewing ritual, inviting personalized adjustments and discoveries that refine the coffee experience.

Comandante x25 Trailmaster Dune and AeroPress Go Bundle Image


The methodical pursuit of brewing coffee with a Chemex Coffeemaker ignites a passion for craftsmanship and self-expression through coffee. By understanding the process, from the grind to the pour, and experimenting with variations, coffee enthusiasts worldwide continue to celebrate and enhance this timeless brewing method, crafting cups that resonate with their personal taste preferences.

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