Coffee and technology: how apps and smart devices are changing the way we brew and enjoy coffee.

Coffee and technology: how apps and smart devices are changing the way we brew and enjoy coffee.

Coffee has always been about ritual and enjoyment, but emerging technologies are changing the way we brew and savor our daily cup. From smart coffee makers controlled by your phone to apps that let you order ahead, tech is making brewing barista-quality coffee at home easier than ever. Let's explore some of the exciting developments in the world of coffee tech.

Smart Coffee Machines Put You in Control

One of the biggest trends in coffee tech is the rise of app-controlled, smart coffee machines. With models from leading brands like Sage, Nespresso, and more, you can use your smartphone to customize settings, start a brew remotely, or even re-order beans when you run low. Some of our favorite smart brewers include:

Grind Smarter with High-Tech Burr Grinders

Freshly ground beans are key to a flavor-packed cup, and smart grinder tech is making it easier than ever to achieve a consistent grind. From app-controlled models to grind-by-weight systems, here are some standout smart grinders:

  • Baratza Sette 270Wi - This high-end grinder uses weight-based grinding to deliver precisely the amount of grounds you need for the perfect cup or espresso shot.

  • Wilfa Uniform+ - Wilfa's smart flat burr grinder offers 41 grind settings and connects to the Wilfa app for recipe tips and more.

  • Hario V60 Electric Grinder - This compact but capable grinder gives you a consistent grind for pour-overs and other filter brews.

Apps for Coffee Lovers

Even if you don't have a smart brewer, coffee apps can level up your enjoyment and knowledge of all things java. Check out some top apps for tracking, learning about, and ordering coffee:

  • BeanHunter - Discover great coffee shops around the globe with crowdsourced reviews and recommendations.
  • Brew Timer - Perfect your pour-over game with this app's built-in timers and brew guides.
  • Trade Coffee - Take a quiz to get personalized whole bean suggestions shipped right to your door.
  • Spinn - If you have one of Spinn's Wi-Fi-enabled brewers, the app lets you craft your perfect cup.
  • Starbucks - Skip the line by ordering ahead and earn rewards with every purchase.

Mugs and Thermos Tech

Even your coffee cup is getting a 21st-century upgrade, thanks to innovations in digital displays, heating elements, and more. Here are some of the coolest (or hottest) smart mug options:

  • Ember Mug² - This rechargeable stainless steel mug keeps your coffee at your ideal temp for up to 3 hours and lets you control the heat from your phone.

  • Cauldryn Coffee Smart Mug - The Cauldryn goes beyond heating to actually brew your coffee or tea right in the mug. It works with both grounds and K-Cups.

Whether you're a pour-over pro or a K-cup convert, there's no doubt technology is transforming the coffee industry in exciting ways. As our senior barista Mark says, "We're always looking for new ways to deliver a great coffee experience to our customers, and innovations like smart brewers and grinders are making it possible to get café-quality results at home."

Ready to experience the latest in coffee tech for yourself? Explore our curated selection of top smart coffee makers, grinders, and accessories at Hamlet Coffee Roasters. And don't forget to visit our blog for more tips on brewing better with the latest innovations. The future of coffee is tasting pretty great.

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