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Hario Mini Mill Plus V60 Starter Kit (Clear)

Hario Mini Mill Plus V60 Starter Kit (Clear)

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bundle offer includes:

1 x Hario V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper Size 02 (VD-02T) 

The best way to get started with making better coffee at home. Including an iconic Hario V60 "funnel" coffee maker, and a matching coffee scoop, this coffee dripper set from Hario has everything you need to make your first cup of filter coffee at home.

1 x Hario Mini Mill PLUS Ceramic Coffee Grinder (MSS-1DTB) 

If your goal is to brew an exceptional cup of coffee, it makes sense to invest into a new and improved Hario Mini Mill PLUS hand coffee grinder which will give you a consistent coffee grind anytime you choose to use it.

1 x Hario V60 Coffee Filter Papers Size 02 - Brown - (100 Pack Boxed) (VCF-02-100MK) 

The original and best filter coffee papers from Hario. Designed to perfectly fit the iconic Hario V60 dripper in size 02.
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