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Hario Twin Beer Glass (380ml)

Hario Twin Beer Glass (380ml)

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Hario Twin Beer Glass (380ml)

The Hario double glass design is a brilliant idea. It shows how user-orientated Hario glassware is. The Hario Twin Beer glass has a perfect 380ml capacity for a standard bottle of beer, but it can be used for any kind of cold and hot drink.

The double glass design means that the temperature of the beer will stay cool for longer. It also improves your drinking experience and will keep your hands warm and your beer cold, as the outer glass is not in direct contact with your beverage.

The Heat-Resistant Twin Glass offers an enjoyable experience to drink hot and cold drink in style. Show off to your mates or buy a few to share a drink in style with your friends.

Hario Twin Beer Glass Includes :

  • 1x Double Beer Glass (TBG-380)
  • Heat-Proof
  • Hot and Cold Drink Comfort
  • 380ml Capacity
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