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Hario W60 Dripper

Hario W60 Dripper

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Hario W60 Dripper

The Hario W60 Dripper has arrived, developed in collaboration with the 2013 World Barista Champion, Pete Licata!

The Hario W60 is a next-generation dripper that continues the tradition of the V60's spiral ribbing. The mesh filter features a flat base that won't obstruct the flow of ground coffee, allowing you to fully extract all the flavour from your light-roasted coffee beans.

You can brew your coffee with a paper filter just like with the V60, or only using the resin mesh, which is perfect for savouring all the oils in your coffee. Whichever method you use, the W60 gives allows you to brew coffee with a crisp flavour unlike any other.

Article No.: PDC-02-W
Colour: White
Size: W160 × D127 × H109mm
Capacity: 1-4 cups
Weight (Incl. box): Approx. 600g
Materials:Body: Ceramic, Mesh Frame: Polypropylene, Mesh: Polyester resin
Made in Japan.

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