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Loveramics Er-go! Cereal Bowl 14cm (Cobalt)

Loveramics Er-go! Cereal Bowl 14cm (Cobalt)

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Loveramics Er-go! Cereal Bowl 14cm (Cobalt)

There is something so amazingly heart-warming about sitting down to a bowl of delicious breakfast cereal and inhaling its delectable flavours before tucking right in. Especially when it comes in a bowl which is just right for it, in enchanting colours and a lovely contemporary design which will simply add to the perfection of the moment. Like our Loveramics Er-go! Cereal bowl Cobalt 600ml which will add a touch of beautiful deep blue to your tableware collection and make your breakfasts much more delightful.

And that is because it has been brought to you by experienced artisans with years of experience in creating high quality porcelain tableware.As a result, this delightful cereal bowl is just the right capacity for a filling breakfast and does not absorb the flavour of its contents ensuring that your cereal tastes just like it is meant to.

It is also suitable for frequent use and can be used in your microwave and dishwasher. And you can be certain that it will continue to look amazing and brand new no matter how often you use it.But that is certainly not surprising since we ensure all our products are covered with real coloured glaze and are fired at temperatures which exceed minimum requirements.

And we at Loveramics are also proud of being able to bring you such a delightful product while also taking care of our environment by minimising waste and recycling resources.Go ahead and make this wonderful purchase which is only a few clicks away and get to experience innumerable delectable moments with the amazing Loveramics Er-go! Cereal bowl Cobalt 600ml.

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