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Loveramics Er-go! Dinner Plate 26.50cm (Taupe)

Loveramics Er-go! Dinner Plate 26.50cm (Taupe)

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Loveramics Er-go! Dinner Plate 26.50cm (Taupe)

Dinnertime. A fantastic moment when you get to tuck into a delicious meal, completely relaxed with the events of the day behind you. Make it even more special with our amazing Loveramics Er-go! Dinner Plate Taupe 26.50cm which is perfect for serving all your favourite main courses.

Brought to you in a pale grey which will display its delectable contents to perfection, this dinner plate is certain to become a cherished part of your tableware.

Designed by none other than Simon Stevens who is renowned for his expertise in ceramics and tableware, this dinner plate has been created by artisans who are also renowned for their skill as well as their passion for good food and drink.

Because it has been created by our own specially manufactured porcelain and covered with real coloured glaze, before being fired at high temperatures, this plate is much more robust than standard tableware. It is also light to the touch and will not absorb the flavour of its contents ensuring your meals taste amazing each time you use it.

It is also extremely convenient for modern use and will be able to withstand the rigours of frequent stints to your microwave and dishwasher.

That means you can make use of it as frequently as you would like to.Go ahead and buy the wonderful Loveramics Er-go! Dinner Plate Taupe 26.50cm today and get to enjoy the most delightful meal of the day in the manner you deserve. You will be glad you did.

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