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Loveramics Flute Jug 600ml

Loveramics Flute Jug 600ml

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Loveramics Flute Jug 600ml

Few things are more delightful than sipping on an icy fruity cocktail on a warm summer afternoon, surrounded by the floral beauty of your garden. Or enjoying the light, aromatic notes of mulled spiced wine by a fireside on a cold autumn evening.

And you too can experience such delight with our Loveramics Flute Jug 600ml brought to you in a dazzling white and elegant fluted design which is certain to look awesome no matter what season it is. Created by skilled artisans who are passionate about delicious food and drink, it is simply perfect for enjoying your favourite drinks, chilled or warm.

You can also be certain that your drinks will taste amazing each time you fill it up since it does not absorb the flavours of its contents ensuring that no lingering flavours remain once you have washed it up. We believe that all our products should be as convenient as possible for you to use and have ensured that it is microwave and dishwasher safe, as a result.

You can also be certain that it will maintain its pristine allure in spite of frequent use because we have ensured it is resistant to chipping and staining which often mar the quality of tableware.

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