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Loveramics Flute Sauce Dish (8.50cm)

Loveramics Flute Sauce Dish (8.50cm)

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Loveramics Flute Sauce Dish (8.50cm)

Savour the delectable delights of your favourite snacks and finger foods accompanied with tasty dips and sauces which are just right for them with our dainty Loveramics Flute Sauce Dish 8.50cm.

Whether enjoying crispy spring rolls with peanut sauce, crudités with humus or plump tasty olives with aioli, you can be certain that this delicately fluted dish will serve as the perfect container for your sauces at meal times.

Designed to provide a classic yet contemporary touch to your tableware collection, the Loveramics Flute Sauce Dish 8.50cm is also extremely convenient to use and is perfect for the modern kitchen.

That is because we have made it using our own special porcelain ensuring it is both robust and light. As a result it is also resistant to shock and heat and is suitable for use in microwaves or dishwashers making it easy for you to serve your sauces just how you like them and wash up right after.

It is also resistant to chipping and staining and will maintain its pristine allure in spite of frequent use.And you can be certain that it won’t absorb the flavours of its contents either ensuring you can get to serve the full range of sauces you enjoy rather than having to confine its use to one kind of sauce.

And best of all it’s only a few clicks away. Make that purchase today and enjoy the most delectable experiences with your favourite dips and sauces with the Loveramics Flute Sauce Dish 8.50cm.

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