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Loveramics Flute Serve Bowl (19.50cm x 9cm)

Loveramics Flute Serve Bowl (19.50cm x 9cm)

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Loveramics Flute Serve Bowl (19.50cm x 9cm)

There is no greater feeling than serving your favourite dish at gatherings and having it vanish almost instantly as family and friends rush back for seconds (and thirds too when they think no one’s looking). And now with our Loveramics Flute Serve Bowl 19.50cm x 9cmH, you too can be certain of getting to experience the satisfaction that comes with feeling like the perfect host and a five star chef.

Brought to you in a brilliant white which is certain to highlight your dish and make it look simply scrumptious, this serving bowl in fine china also features a delicate fluted design which will add an elegant and contemporary touch to your dining room.

And it is more than just a pretty serving bowl. Created using bone china with a high percentage of ash, the Loveramics Flute Serve Bowl 19.50cm x 9cmH is also resistant to chipping, heat and shock. As a result, it is extremely convenient to use and will continue to dazzle in spite of several stints in your freezer, microwave or dishwasher.

It is also perfectly suitable for entertaining purposes due to the fact that it is also resistant to staining ensuring you can serve your favourite dishes as often as you want to. And it is only a few clicks away. Make that purchase today and get to enjoy effortless hosting with the Loveramics Flute Serve Bowl.

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