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Loveramics Flute Side Plate (21cm)

Loveramics Flute Side Plate (21cm)

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Loveramics Flute Side Plate (21cm)

Life’s little pleasures make the world go round. Like those delightful entrées, snacks and finger foods, which are best enjoyed with friends and family around. And because presentation is everything, it is even more amazing when they are placed on a beautiful dish which highlights how delectable they really are.

Like the Loveramics Flute Side Plate 21cm brought to you in a pristine white which is perfect for presentation and a classic fluted design which will make the atmosphere even more special. At Loveramics, we too are passionate about enjoying great food and drink and believe in providing you with amazing tableware which will enable you to do the same.

All our products are made with our very own special porcelain which we have made ourselves. We also polish each item by hand and cover it with real glaze.

The result is high quality chinaware which is considerably robust and light in comparison to standard porcelain. That means that it is also highly resistant to shock and heat and will be able to withstand frequent stints in your microwave and dishwasher, as a result.

This side plate is also resistant to chipping and staining ensuring you can serve your favourite snacks on it without worrying about any permanent stains.

Doesn’t it rather sound amazing? We hope it does because we have made it just for you. And it’s only a few clicks a way to becoming all yours. Purchase the amazing Loveramics Flute Side Plate 21cm today. You will be glad you did.

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