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Loveramics Weave Textured Bowl 150ml (Taupe)

Loveramics Weave Textured Bowl 150ml (Taupe)

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Loveramics Weave Textured Bowl 150ml (Taupe)

Invite the cool essence of the calm spring skies during a sunny Scandinavian spring with the Weave Textured Bowl Taupe 150ml. Created by ceramics and tableware expert Simon Stevens who is also our head of design and our team of skilled artisans, this textured bowl is part of the Weave collection inspired by the unique lines and shapes which can only be found in nature and will provide you with an especially versatile kitchen experience.

The Weave Textured Bowl Taupe has also been made from porcelain we have made ourselves, and has also been covered with coloured glaze and fired at temperatures exceeding standard requirements. As a result, this textured bowl possesses exceptional durability which also provides it with an increased resistance to heat and shock making it suitable for use in your dishwasher, freezer or microwave.

As a result of these qualities, it will also maintain its glossy appeal for longer due to its ability to withstand the cracking and chipping which often result in tableware having to be replaced, making it ideal for frequent use.

Make the lovely Weave 150ml Textured Bowl Taupe a part of your tableware collection today and get to add the calming essence of Scandinavian spring to your home.

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