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Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale 2021 - White

Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale 2021 - White

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The updated Acaia Lunar, now with brand new abilities and features! The Lunar 2021 model includes an updated weighing technology, a faster response time, built in Flow-Rate indicatorUSB-C charging, and a brighter display for seamless daily use.


FASTER & MORE RESPONSIVE - With new weighing technology, the Lunar stabilizes faster and more accurately during brewing, saving precious time for busy baristas.

CUSTOMIZABLE ESPRESSO WORKFLOW PARAMETERS - Built-in espresso modes will automatically start and stop a timer or tare to speed up your preferred workflow. The new Tare Save function allows you to store the tare weight of your preferred dosing container or cup

OPTIMIZED SUNLIGHT READABILITY - The display is easy to read in all indoor light conditions. Enhanced brightness also allows for better outdoor visibility.

REAL-TIME FLOW-RATE INDICATOR - The Flow-Rate Indicator visualizes your real-time pouring speed and suggests thresholds for ideal flow rates.

USB TYPE-C RECHARGEABLE - A greener alternative power source, the lithium ion battery lasts 30-40 hours.

HIGHEST READABILITY UP TO 0.01G - The Lunar offersd a high readability option of 0.01g, which gives you an ectra digit of reference for the most accurate espresso weight.

Product Specification

Readability 0.1g
Minimum Weight 0.1g
Maximum Weight 2000g
Battery Life 30-40 Hours
Display 8-Digit LED
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
Charge Type USB-C
Auto Stop Tare Yes
Flow Rate Indicator Yes
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